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The Wedding Hat Story

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At The Wedding Hat, we believe there is a better way to plan your wedding! Our goal while building The Wedding Hat community was to create tools to make the life of couples easier and more fun while planning their wedding day. Not only should the wedding itself be the most special day, but the journey to creating it is just as important. We’ve put together a vendor listing and a suite of tools to help you plan your event.

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We will be there with you every step of the way

The Wedding Hat will help you plan your dream wedding by providing you with the tools and step by step guidance to build out your day.

We will provide you with the finest options for your wedding journey

We have a range of options from all the vendor categories you will need to plan your big day. But you don’t need to go through the process alone, invite your friends and loved one to help you choose and organize all your wedding details and most importantly make it fun!

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And Yes, you can have it all!

With a large vendor listing, verified reviews, and a range of planning tools, The Wedding Hat will support you all the way to select the best value for your budget including your venue, wedding decorations, the perfect wedding dress and all other aspects.

Wait, you can plan any kind of event?

Yes! We’ve built The Wedding Hat so you can plan an engagement party, birthday party, or any other event you have. You can create any number of events and enlist the help of your family members, friends or bridesmaids to layout your big day together.

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We've got all the planning tools in our magic hat to help you plan your event

Where does the name img come from?

Like the magician who takes the rabbit out of their hat, the vision of The Wedding Hat is for the couple to use our platform to add a touch of magic to their life events. We know it’s cheesy, but when it comes to Weddings, we like our bread with extra cheese!

Plan your event on the go with The Wedding Hat App available on both the App Store and Google Play

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