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4 Tips & Tricks For Your Wedding Dress

For Episode 3 of “Under The Hat”, The Wedding Hat is pleased to feature Maysa Waheed, a fashion designer specialized in couture wedding dresses & evening gowns based in Egypt. Maysa shares her top tips & tricks to help you decide on the right wedding dress for you!

1. Some of this season's wedding dress trends

If you are leaning towards a less traditional approach to your wedding dress and decide that white is not the right color for your dream wedding dress, then you can go for other colors such as gold, champagne, silver, and beige with little white designs (such as  flowers or anything else the bride would like) would all be good colors for a wedding dress. The bride can also add an extension (half or full length) to the dress, to give the wedding dress a mermaid style or a fluffy style.

2. Choose the right wedding dress style based on your body type

Every body type has a perfect style that would work best for it! Here are some key tips in selecting the right wedding dress for your body type:

  • If you have a fuller upper body, stay clear from off-the-shoulder dresses
  • If you have a larger bust area avoid drape 
  • If you have a curvy body , it is recommended that you go for an A-line wedding dress. A-line dresses usually suites any figure by just adjusting the upper part of the dress to flatter your figure.

3. Achieving an elegant wedding dress look for hijabis

Here are some tips if you are a hijabi and trying to find the perfect design for your wedding dress: 

  • To keep the wedding dress trendy try avoid having full tight sleeves, instead you can puff up the shoulders area. 
  • Don’t go for a big headpiece, try to choose one that would be in good proportion with your veil.

4. When should I book my wedding dress appointments and fittings

Brides should book their wedding dress at least two months prior to your big day. It is also recommended to have from 2 to 5 fittings for your wedding dress to make sure everything is perfect!

You can hire Maysa Waheed directly through The Wedding Hat platform for your wedding in Egypt. Check out her profile on The Wedding Hat here.

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