Honeymoon destination in Egypt

5 Best Places to Spend Your Honeymoon in Egypt

There is no better way to end a perfect wedding than taking the trip of a lifetime for your honeymoon. It allows you to celebrate your effort in the planning journey and finally enjoy a stress-free time away from everyone. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get to know your partner better away from the daily distractions. 

We know these days that traveling has become more difficult because of the pandemic situation, so The Wedding Hat team found this a great opportunity to put together a an extensive list for the 5 best places to spend your honeymoon in Egypt! 

Egypt is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s affordable, fun and you can visit more than one destination offering a wide range of entertainment.

Your Perfect Dream Destination for The Honeymoon in Egypt Without Any Visa!

Whether you are like to lie around on the beach with a cool coconut drink in hand or are an adventure seeker, you can find your honeymoon dream destination here.

1.The Romantic Life in Sahl Hasheesh

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, located only 18 kilometers away from Hurghada, then Sahl Hasheesh should be your top pick. Sahl Hasheesh beach is a popular destination for honeymooners offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea. You will have a chance to experience incredible natural scenery and endless white beaches, and the desert landscape. 

In addition to the beautiful beaches, the different species of colorful fish and pretty corals will make for an intoxicating snorkeling and diving experience. You can also enjoy different water activities like boat trips, parasailing, and kiteboarding. The ideal time to visit is between October and April. 

Romantic Honeymoon in Sahl Hasheesh Egypt

2. The Meaningful Simplicity Adventure in Dahab

A wonderful place to spend your honeymoon in Egypt is Dahab. This quiet and peaceful town is home to a variety of activities. It’s perfect for couples looking to enjoy a relaxing honeymoon in a humbler setting and memorable holiday moments. Dahab offers some of the best places in the world to snorkel!  

The best three places to experience this are the blue hole beach with a 100 m depth (the most famous one), the three pools in case of you prefer more privacy and intimate atmospheres and Ras Abu Galum if you want to discover the Red Sea’s fantastic creatures. You may not find the same amenities as in Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh, but you will find an adventure that you will cherish forever. 

You can also plan a romantic dinner above the mountains, enjoy the Bedouins nights together and stay to watch the sunrise there. Dahab also offers a wide range of romantic restaurants to explore. You can try Ali Baba, Yalla Bar, and Churchill’s for a unique and unforgettable atmosphere by the sea. 

Between the yellow mountains and the magical sunset, you can go on a camel trip to the Blue Lagoon where you can find crystal color water and a magical atmosphere. This makes it a perfect option for honeymooners who want a quiet and peaceful place where they can enjoy nature at its best. The best time to visit Dahab is between January to April where the weather is warm and pleasant. 

Dahab best honeymoon destination in Egypt

3. The Enchanting, Rare Beauty of Aswan

The ancient Nubian culture, which is most vividly displayed on the Nile, is a wonderful backdrop for a romantic trip. There are numerous places to visit in the area. You can choose from a cruise on the Nile to spending the night in a traditional Felucca.  It’s a great way to spend quality time with your partner. 

A stay in a Nubian house is a rare experience that you’ll never forget. It’s a must for every couple to live this experience enjoying the architecture, colors, friendly people, different cultures and warm atmospheres in this special place. The sightseeing experience is straight out of a movie, it’s EPIC! We highly recommend this destination for winter visits. Best time to visit is between October to May. 

4.The Amazing Nature of Siwa

A honeymoon in Siwa is a wonderful opportunity to explore the pristine natural hot springs, palm trees, and lakes of this oasis. Guests can enjoy camping on the banks of the many salt lakes while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding desert. 

You can explore the oasis, eating delicious food, and experience its ancient history. In addition to enjoying the natural springs, the Siwa oasis offers a variety of activities that are perfect for honeymooners like visiting Museums, landmarks & sightseeing, boat tours, water sports, and spas. It also offers numerous places to enjoy a romantic picnic in the desert. Siwa Oasis is situated only 350 miles away from Cairo. The best time to visit is between September and April. 

The amazing nature of Siwa

5.The Beach Dessert Based Trip in Nuweiba

This coastal city is one of the most romantic places in Egypt to spend your honeymoon and features countless camps on the sand. It is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, clear blue sea, majestic mountains, and colored canyon which are simply breathtaking. Whether you are planning a beach-based or desert-based trip, you can have both in Nuweiba! 

It offers some of the best scuba diving experience in the world. You can also take a safari in the desert or watch the sunset over the mighty mountains. Best time to visit is between September and February. 

5.The Beach Dessert Based Trip in Nuweiba
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