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5 Tips & Tricks For The Best Wedding Makeup

For Episode 2 of “Under The Hat”, The Wedding Hat is pleased to feature Dina Hisham, a certified Pro Makeup Artist (MUA) from The Makeup Academy in New York and the Makeup Forever Academy in Paris based in Egypt. Dina shares with us her 5 top tips & tricks for the best wedding makeup experience.

1. Understand your wedding makeup artist price

Better quality products are more expensive and this has an effect on the price of the service. Make sure you ask your artist about the brands they intend to use and do your research. Experience and qualifications also play a factor in determining the price of your wedding makeup service.

2. Know your rights for a hygienic makeup

Professional and qualified makeup artists will have sanitized makeup boxes with new items to use during your session. It is your right to check and ask for a sanitized makeup box.

3. Skin texture doesn’t change with makeup

Makeup alone will not be sufficient to cover for wrinkles and bumps on your big day. Plan early and check with your makeup artist if they would recommend further treatments such as facials, laser treatment, or other skin care routine weeks before your big day.

4. Trust your cream products

There are different cream products. Cream products sit well on the skin and gives a nice glow to your skin. Invest the time to understand these and trust them.

5. Use different brushes for different purposes

Pay attention to the shape, density and size of different brushes. At home, try different brushes and let your wedding makeup artist know if you have any preference for different parts of your face.

You can hire Dina Hisham directly through The Wedding Hat platform for your wedding in Egypt. Check out her profile on The Wedding Hat here.

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